Post peanuts

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Peanut gallery

After the performance in gallery 1 'Theorist’s Training Camp/Practice Piece' we had a peanut party in the backroom. Triple Nuts.


Some wonky rainbow rope letters, shot with the help of the lovely Kate Matthews. 28/9/2012.


Smile, with Kelly Fliedner.

Life in Space. 27/9/12.

Knitted rainbow rope, whittled Oregon drumsticks, engraved floor tom, etc.


Materials list. Objects include handbuilt terracotta and porcelain bells, oil burners, bowls, cups, pots, jug, drumsticks, maracas. Other materials include plants, wire, lambswool, knitted rainbow rope, string, sticks, twigs, modelling clay, quilted denim, drum, chairs (found and rebuilt) stools (upholstered and resin coated), flags, digital print fabric banner, trestle legs, table, cushions, snacks etc.

Food in Space

Peanut crackers. Wasabi peas. Chocolate truffles. Chocolate hazelnut fudge. Persian mint tea. Porcelain bowls and platters.


People in the space, opening night. Thanks to the people for coming. You make my day.

A conversation about space. Installing the show.


Thursday 20th of September 6 - 8pm, continuing until October 13th. The back space at West Space. The gallery is open Wednesday to Friday 12-6pm and Saturday 12-5pm. Level 1, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Life in Space

Presented in West Space's back-space, this project is populated with handmade instruments, tools and other objects of use. Basic furniture; a chair, a table, a light, a kind of bastard wunderkammer, a microcosm and museum of recent works.

Musical instruments, porcelain serving platters, occasional finger foods, costumes, tools and coddled plant life comingle in a workshop setting. Pursuing an obsession for objects with mystery and purpose – or least suggested purpose and potential mystery – creates a series of curious gatherings with ritualistic possibilities. The exhibition will allow both the artist and the audience to entertain the promise of a suggested, unspoken narrative. The changing relationships and instances of documentation build up a kind of field guide to living with things.

The works in the space become the subject of further work, documented for this online publication to be updated during the show. This will feature drawings, video, animation, performance and conversation. This is an attempt to chronicle the various instances and possibilities of these things, while rejoicing in the ever-changing day to day details.